It’s Not Just a Phase, Mom!

The moon is a widely used symbol in witchcraft and many witches love to involve the moon in their magick by doing their spells by the moon phases! Every moon phase affects the energy of that night and you can even look at the astrological sign that the moon is in to get even more in depth. The moon has the ability to change the tides of the ocean so why wouldn’t it affect us too?

   The first phase is the new moon. New moon is great for setting your intentions because it is the start of the new moon cycle. We set our intentions on the new moon because we will use the rest of the moon cycle to attract them. I do a ritual every new moon and every full moon so what I like to do is start off by cleansing because we can’t have negativity blocking our intentions. Next I like to do a ritual bath and meditate to relax and refresh from the previous cycle. Then I like to do a tarot spread to gain insight and set better intentions. Finally I set my intentions for the coming moon cycle.

   Next we have the time of the waxing moon. When the moon is waxing, this is our time to really work on the intentions we just set. This time of the month is all about growth and watering the seeds that we just planted. This is your time to take action to achieve your goals. This time is also about attraction so if you want to manifest something work for it now. You could even do love attraction spells and watch the lust grow over the moon phases. This is also a great time for money spells because the waxing moon will bring it to you. This is also a great time to work on a skill or talent and start new journeys. This energy is made for creation so a great thing to do is work on talents that you have and try to build them into something more… How do you think I started this blog?  This is also a great time for healing because it allows you to open your heart to attract healing. This leads me to my next point of staying open. When you start manifesting by the moon, unexpected opportunities come up so you must stay open minded and take advantage of the unexpected. 

   So you made it to the full moon! This is my favorite part of the moon cycle because all energy is amplified. This makes the full moon good for many things. On full moon I like to celebrate, release, cleanse, and do spell work. If you manifest by the moon, the full moon is when you reap the benefits of your manifestation (unless it’s a long term goal). If I am successful I have a mini party where I make cookies, dance, be creative, and I even get myself a little gift. If I still need to work on my manifestation I ask myself why and try to release any blocks that may have held me back. Full moon is a great time for releasing and cleansing. Because all energy is amplified your shadow aspects will be apparent and you will be able to release them. If you have a cycle that you are trying to break, full moon is a great time to do a release ritual and cleanse yourself. I also use this time to cleanse all of my crystals and clear off my altar of spells from the last cycles. Full moon is also awesome for spell work because a spell is basically just energy concentrated on a certain thing. So imagine if this energy was amplified.

   Finally we have waning moon. Waning moon is the time to let go of what isn’t serving you. For me, waning moon is the most difficult phase because it always forces me to let go even if I don’t feel ready. A good example of this is letting go of toxic people in your life. The waning moon will bring to light these problems and sometimes force them out of your life. The waning moon puts us in these situations to bring about healing. In full moon I do a release ritual so that in waning moon I can watch these aspects disappear. So whatever you release in full moon will often come up during waning moon. Waning moon is a good time for cleansing since the whole theme is letting go of negativity and blockage. If you feel bogged down this is normal, you may just need a good cleanse of the negativity you just released. 

    One thing that manifesting with the moon has taught me is that everything in the universe is a cycle. You have the choice to move with the cycles or break them. Following the moon cycle is good because it is a natural cycle and when you are in tune with the universe’s natural cycles you manifest way easier. By following positive cycles it becomes easier to expose negative cycles as well. This leads to shadow work and personal growth which brings you closer to your higher self and raises your vibration. Honestly life is easier when you are in tune with the universe and following the moon cycle is one way to do it. 


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