My Take on Ouija Boards

Ouija boards are a controversial topic in the witch/psychic community. I feel like most people think they are dangerous and I have to agree with them. Ouija boards are a little different than most tools because they are not used to communicate with the higher self and possibly guides but rather for all entities. Are there safer ways to use one? Yes. Would I suggest it? No.

   I have played with a Ouiji board before. It was with my friend way back in middle school. We were just doing it for some Halloween fun and also because we were middle schoolers so we didn’t really know better. On the good side, I did my research and I’m pretty sure we played it in the safest way possible. First of all, we did it outside my house because I wasn’t trying to have a haunted house. Next we had a salt circle, crystals, and candles. Our board was also diy and it was a circular shape which is harder for the spirits to escape. At first it was super cool and it definitely worked because the planchette was moving so fast that our fingers were almost sliding off. We were talking to my friend’s grandpa and everything was going good. Then our candle’s blew out and we asked her grandpa if it was safe to keep playing and he said no so we left the circle to tell my family about our experience. When we went back to the circle there was an overwhelming negative presence there so we packed up all the stuff we had out there and slept with bibles. Luckily nothing bad happened to us but if we kept playing who knows what would have happened. The rest of the night we had a feeling of dread plaguing us which is a sign of demons. I have not touched a board since because now I understand how fast the energy can change. 

   Although some people have great experiences with Ouija boards I don’t think they’re safe because you are opening yourself up to anything. Other forms of divination such as tarot cards or scrying are more based on contacting the higher self and higher powers. Ouija boards are open to whatever comes through. Using a Ouija board makes you a beacon for any spirits to come. The reason many bad spirits flock to these is because it’s their only chance at life. Demons want to be alive again so when you get one on your Ouija board this allows them to start feeding off your energy. Scientifically, the board is using the energetic frequencies of you and your partner’s hands to move then if you get a spirit you are giving them the energy to communicate. Once this bond has been made with the wrong spirit it can be very difficult to break or if you attract a lot of energy into the board it can create a portal for literally anything to come out of and haunt you. So I don’t think it’s worth it to play with a Ouija board.

All forms of divination have a risk factor but most are safer than the Ouija board. The ones that I normally do are tarot and fire scrying. So with tarot, until you are experienced it is difficult to communicate with spirits but you can if that’s your intention. Because tarot is up to interpretation, you are still using your abilities that are fueled by your higher self which makes it harder for evil to come through. What I like to do if I talk to spirits through tarot is I light a black or white candle (or both for added power) because these are good for protection. Black candles absorb negative energy so if anything bad wanted to get to me they wouldn’t be able to and white candles attract purity. I also like to cast a circle and bring protective crystals. Sometimes I do a spell called a mojo bag where I put protective ingredients together in a little bag for added power.

The other form of divination I like is fire scrying because if you use the correct candles and have good intent only good spirits can come through the flame. I like to use black or white candles for this as well because of purity and protection reasons. So if you want to try this simply light a candle and allow yourself to get hypnotized by the flame. Like tarot you are using your highest self to interpret the messages rather than reading what a spirit tells you. Also like tarot you are likely to get messages from your higher self and guides rather than just random spirits. Most of the time when I use fire scrying I’m doing a spell or ritual and I will look at the flame to make sure I’m on the right track or I’ll just have my candle lit and something will come through. Usually it’s a guide or an ancestor just saying hi. If you want to use fire scrying to reach the other side just light the candle and stare at the flame until you are in a trance like state. I suggest anointing it with protective oils and/or herbs and using protective crystals or a mojo bag for safety. Soon you will start seeing images in the flame or it will move in a different way. There are ways to read the flame but that is way too much for one post. One thing I like to do is tell the spirit to make it go right for yes and left for no.

   Overall, scrying is a very fun and cool thing to do but you have to be cautious and do it correctly. If you feel wrong when scrying just stop and try again later when the negative energy has passed. There are also so many ways to communicate with the other side that I couldn’t name them all so if you want to try one, make sure to research extensively before you just try it. I think that research is what saved my friend and I with the Ouija board because without research I wouldn’t have known how to add the protection we had. Also if you are using scrying to communicate with unknown spirits, especially at haunted location I can’t urge you enough to protect yourself. At minimum cast a circle because it literally takes less than a minute. Also watch for signs as you begin going to the haunted location or scrying. If you see bad omens it is best that you listen to them.


3 thoughts on “My Take on Ouija Boards

  1. During the sixties, I had an acquaintance who was a psychic faker, mentalist, hoodoo, etc. everything he did was fake. He stayed away from ouija boards because, he claimed, the central thing about what he did was that he was in control. With Ouija, he was not in control. It was the only thing in that realm that I actually saw him be afraid of.

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    1. Although you said he was fake, he was definitely right about Ouija boards because when you play you are at the mercy of whatever wants to talk


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