5d Energy Shift

  With more and more people having spiritual awakenings and learning how to raise their vibration, the earth is experiencing a global shift from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. Now, if you’re a baby witch you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. When I first learned about the upcoming shifts I was terrified but it’s really a beautiful thing to experience. 

   This is going to be a super confusing post but just bear with me because I’m going to explain everything the way I wish someone explained it to me. First of all, everything in the universe is vibrating at its own frequency. If you remember science class, your teacher probably showed you diagrams/videos of how atoms are always moving. Nothing is stagnant ever. Because everything has its own frequency, some things vibrate on a higher level than others. What do I mean by that? If you are angry you are said to vibrate at a low frequency, whereas if you are happy you are vibrating at a high frequency. A good example of this is food. Have you ever noticed that when you eat fast food you feel kind of gross after but eating a vegetable makes you feel healthier and happier? This is because processed food has a lower vibration and vegetables have a high vibration. This is because they are straight from the Earth and not processed.

   If you are still following and not confused yet, let’s go over the shift. So when I say we are changing dimensions I am not saying that a portal to the mars is going to open up and we are all going to become martians and live in a new dimension. What I mean is the earth’s collective vibration is going to raise to a higher frequency and vibrate of the level of the fifth dimension. There are 12 dimensions of consciousness and they are all different. 

   1- The first dimension is simply existing and being aware that you are alive.

   2- The second dimension is that of consciousness and survival. Beings with less intelligence and therefore a lower consciousness than humans resonate here. This is plants and the lower animal kingdom. Beings in this frequency are focused on survival only.

   3- In the third dimension we develop a sense of self but we harbor limiting beliefs. This is where many humans and the upper animal kingdom resonate. 

   4- In the fourth dimension we start to develop psychic abilities and are able to master the subconscious. If you found this website you are probably in the fourth dimension. If not that’s okay, everyone moves at their own pace.

   5- In the fifth dimension we realize what our higher self is like. In the fifth dimension we understand the multiple timelines of the universe and master our subconscious mind. 

   6- In the sixth dimension, beings experience complete surrender to spirit and the evolution of the soul.

   7- In the seventh dimension the soul can evolve itself at will.

   8- The eighth dimension is the realm of infinity, the whole universe vibrates at this frequency. 

   9- The ninth dimension is the frequency of god, source energy, or the creator etc.

   10/11- This is the frequency of other universes beyond ours and even multiverses or omniverses.

  12- This is the vibration of complete love and oneness with source. 

   So basically how this works is every few thousand years there are these widespread shifts in consciousness. It’s basically the spiritual side of evolution. I’m no Darwin but at one point humans were just microorganisms in the first dimension. Then we became animals in the second dimension and eventually became what we are now which are humans in at least the third dimension. Right now we are going through one of these shifts which is going to go from 3d to 5d. What this means for you is if/when you ascend you will go from living in a state of fear and limiting beliefs to a state of oneness and effortlessness. 

   Right now many humans are still vibrating at a 3d frequency. While there is nothing wrong with this because everyone is on their own spiritual journey, it is not the best place to be. In the third dimension we find ourselves being focused on earthly concepts like money, and status. This is not an inherently evil thing but people in the third dimension go about getting it in the wrong ways. They will either be evil people to climb to the top or they are will be a good person with limiting beliefs. If you are in the third dimension you are probably making excuses as to why you haven’t done everything you wanted to do. For example, if your goal is to be a musician but it isn’t working for you it’s probably because deep down you feel like your music will never be good enough to be recognized. So then you self sabotage yourself without even realizing it. If this is you and you want to ascend to higher things do not lose hope because admitting you have a problem is the first step to healing.

   Next I want to mention the 4d because it really serves as a transition between 3 and 5. What I mean by this is once you make into 4d it’s way easier to ascend to 5d. In 4d you begin to experience 5d things like developing psychic abilities and manifesting. Here you also become aware of your toxic 3d traits like fear and self sabotage and you can now begin to heal. 

   In the 5d we get to meet our higher selves and communicate with the spiritual world at will. We feel at one with the universe which results in a strong sense of self love. One of the best ways to know if you’re in the fifth dimension is to look at the speed at which you are manifesting. In the fifth dimension we can manifest instantly. I have experienced it before and it’s honestly crazy. I remember I needed a rose for a spell and the next day some little kid gave a rose to one of the girls at my job and she didn’t want it so I got to take it home. 

   If you’ve read this far you are probably wondering, how do I raise my vibration. Although there are MANY ways to raise your vibration,  the best ways are through meditation, doing activities that make you feel like your highest self, and connecting with nature. For beginners in meditation, I recommend starting with guided meditation because it is more entertaining and easier to focus on. It puts you in a meditative state without you even realizing it. You kind of feel like you’re just listening to a story and then boom you are having a conversation with your spirit guide. At first I would not go over an hour of meditating because you don’t want to get bored and burnt out but I would start with about 20 minutes a day. Speaking from experience, meditating for just 10 or 20 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your mindset. For more experienced meditators (or beginners if you feel ready) you can listen to certain vibrational frequencies to activate the subconscious, therefore raising the vibration. These are called solfeggio frequencies and there are a variety of them that you can listen to for fulfilling your needs. They correspond to the chakras and can be used to balance them and connect you with the higher self. They’re also very relaxing.

   369 hz- This is the first frequency and it is associated with the root chakra and the color red. This frequency combats guilt and fear so it is a great start if you are feeling stuck in your own limiting beliefs.

   417 hz- This frequency is associated with the sacral chakra and the color orange. It is good for creating change. I like to use this type of sound (along with the color orange) when I am starting a new goal or manifesting something new. 

   528 hz- This frequency is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the color yellow.  It is used for transformation. It has even been said that this frequency can repair dna. This frequency is great for when you are feeling down.

   639 hz- This frequency is connected to the heart chakra and the color green. It is used for healing in relationships and that includes the relationship with self. Working with the heart chakra is a milestone because once you can open your heart, you are ready to start connecting with spirit. I like to use this frequency when I need a self love boost. 

   741 hz- This frequency is associated with the throat chakra and the color blue. It is used to assist with self expression. This can mean many things including but not limited to communication with others or expressing the creative self and ideas. I like to use this chakra when I experience writer’s block or when I have trouble articulating my feelings to others. 

   852 hz- This frequency is associated with the third eye chakra and the color indigo. This frequency awakens your intuition so if you don’t feel ready for that I would hold off on listening to this. It is potent and trippy. When you listen to this you will probably hear things or feel as if something is touching you because you are now connected to the spirit world and awakening your ability to communicate with the other side. I like to use this frequency when I feel like my psychic abilities are blocked or if I just want messages from the universe. 

   963 hz- This frequency is connected to the crown chakra and the color purple. This vibration connects you to the highest energies of the universe and if you thought that 852 hz was trippy it’s nothing compared to this. I have meditated with this frequency once because I randomly felt called to and holy shit. I met my higher self and filled four pages of my journal with messages and drawings. Use this frequency when you feel ready or called to it. 

   There are more ways to meditate than just guided meditation and solfeggio frequencies but these are great places to start. My next way of raising your vibration is easier than meditating because you probably already do it. What’s the one or maybe a few things you do that make you feel the most like yourself? For me it’s working out, singing, and doing witchcraft. No matter how pointless your hobbies seem they are key in raising your vibration and learning how you can help raise the vibration of the planet. For me I make music and create my website to raise my vibration while raising the planet’s vibration. Although me working out will not directly raise anyone else’s vibration like listening to a song or teaching them witch craft, working out helps me better myself. By bettering yourself you are raising the planet’s because you live here and everything is connected. One more way to raise your vibration is to go outside and connect with nature. There are a million ways you can do this just GO OUTSIDE!  One great way to ground yourself is to just walk around in the grass barefoot. It’s so simple and it is so good for your body. It has been proven that when you walk barefoot the earth actually absorbs the positive ions in your body. These cause disease and lower your vibration. Just try it and see how you feel after.

   One last thing I want to say on the topic of raising your vibe and transitioning is that healing isn’t linear. What I mean by this is even if you are vibing high and experience 5d it’s okay to feel down and need more shadow work. From personal experience: I experienced this frequency but there is still work I need to do to get back to it. Right now I am probably vibrating on a 4d frequency because I know that I need to work on myself. So don’t get down on yourself or feel like a failure if it doesn’t come easy because trust me, It’s not an easy process.


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