Witches in Music

Music has always been something that goes with witchcraft. Rituals can be sung and there are many songs about witches. There are also songs by witches and I love hearing songs by people who see the world like I do. 

   In the US, witchcraft as we know it today wasn’t prevalent until the 1960’s so that’s where I am starting.

   1960’s- I did not know this but Jimmy Page practiced witchcraft. He is the founder and guitarist of Led Zeppelin. In case you live under a rock and don’t know, Led Zeppelin is a rock and roll band that started in 1968. An example of witchcraft in their lyrics is when they reference valhalla in “Immigrant Song.” Valhalla is heaven in Norse mythology and many witches pull ideas from mythologies from around the world.

   1970’s- If you thought I could write an article on music and not include Stevie Nicks then you don’t know me at all. I’ve mentioned this before but the story on Stevie is that she is a witch but she had to hide it when she got famous because of everyone’s “witch phobia.” A lot of her songs are super witchy. There’s too many for me to mention all of them but the best example is “Rhiannon.” All we need to do is talk about the title. Rhiannon is the Celtic goddess of the moon and horses and many of the ancient witches were Celtic. Stevie even wears a silver moon necklace all the time; this is a typical jewelry item for witches. Also when witches do deity work, Rhiannon is a very common one to call upon witches. Another thing is that Stevie literally said on stage,

    “This is a song about an old welsh witch.” 

   1980’s- I did not know that Elton John was a witch but it honestly does not surprise me because he was so eccentric. Another rocker from the 1980’s that is a witch is Tina Turner. This shows up in her lyrics in the song “Proud Mary” right off the bat in the first verse:

   “I was happy with the fear, every moon was new

I was searching for myself

When I found an angel there in the clouds I flew”

   Witches often sing about the moon and flying with the angels could point to astral projection. She continues the celestial theme with’

   “Stardust in my eyes.”

   This may not mean anything but it keeps up the vibe. She also says,

   “You were sent to me.”

   This could be referencing a twin flame or soulmate connection as these are often fated in our lifetimes. 

   1990’s- A well known artist that may surprise you is Sting. In his song, “Shape of my Heart” he starts off with the line,

   “He deals the cards as a meditation.”

   This one is pretty obviously not representing playing cards but rather tarot cards. I could keep going but I would have to copy and paste the whole song because it references tarot so many times. Then in “Englishman in New York” he opens with a line mentioning tea. This could also be referencing the English custom of having a lot of tea but witches often drink a lot of tea as well. Also later he calls himself a,

   “Legal alien.” This could be referencing starseeds. He also sings about a candle at one point which is something used in most spellwork. Then at the end he repeats, “Be yourself no matter what they say” 10 times. This is a common message in witchcraft because we are always trying to find our highest path. 

   2000’s- This one surprised me but Sheryl Crow made the list. First of all, the last name, Crow is a giveaway because crows are associated with the other side. It also shows in her lyrics. In “The First Cut is Always the Deepest” she sings about being cursed. Then in “Soak Up the Sun” she is using the energy of the sun to raise her vibration. 

   2010’s- Another celebrity witch is Grimes. Although she is not as well known as the aforementioned singers she is kind of married to Elon Musk and she went viral on tiktok. Grimes says that her music is fueled by witchcraft and she is pioneering a new genre called witch house. It’s basically house music with occult themes and witchy sounds. Apparently to write her album, “Visions” she isolated herself for nine days with no sleep which was a common torture method for accused witches. In her song “Genesis” which is from “Visions” she sings about

   “Playing the deck above.”

   This could be referencing tarot. More evidence to support this is that the song is about love and she sings about seeing. Love readings are probably the most popular tarot readings. Next, in her song “Realiti” she sings,

   “I wanna peer over the edge and see in death

If we are always the same”

   These lines reference both the spiritual world and the universal law of oneness. Then in “Vanessa” she mentions destiny multiple times. 

   Now- I always had my suspicions about Ariana Grande but ever since I listened to her new “Positions” album, I had my answer. Ariana Grande is a fellow witch! So exciting! The song that gave it away was “Just Like Magic.” Magic is literally in the title so I was excited to listen to this song. Ariana did not disappoint because the song is about how she manifests. Singing is also a great way to manifest so obviously she’s doing it right especially considering the fact that she is THE Ariana Grande. 


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