How to Ritual

 So you have gone through the awakening or maybe witchcraft has just peaked your interest and you want to try your first ritual. Even if you’re just doing it for fun (it should be fun) there are a few things that I would suggest you do.

   The first thing that I like to do is cleanse your space. There are many different ways to do this but my favorite is to smoke cleanse with palo santo incense. Other good things to use are sage or lavender. I don’t prefer sage though because it completely neutralizes the energy while palo santo gets the bad out while keeping the good in. There is nothing wrong with sage, I just don’t prefer it. 

   An optional next step is to cast a circle. Although I probably should, I don’t do this every time I do a ritual. This is because my rituals are periodic and most of the time I’m not trying to communicate with anything besides myself and sometimes my guides if they come through. I do however cast a circle when doing spell work or spirit work because if the wrong vibe goes into a spell you’re fucked until it wears off (speaking from experience). Then with spirit work you need that layer of protection so that nothing evil gets attached to you. So if you feel that it is necessary you can call on the energies of the elements for protection in your ritual.

   My next thing is I just follow the steps of the ritual. Most of the time I make up my ritual with inspiration from the witches of the internet. Because everyone’s craft is different I don’t suggest following someone else’s ritual to a T. I do suggest taking some steps and ideas from other people and making it your own. You should also adapt other people’s work to your own craft because let’s say you’re just starting out and you want to try a full moon ritual. Full moon rituals often have a psychic aspect like scrying and this is an advanced technique that can be unsafe for baby witches. Maybe you like the rest of the steps but you don’t feel comfortable trying spirit work yet. So take what you want and leave what you don’t. The point of rituals is to have fun so don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Also as psychic and witch, listen to your gut. If something feels wrong it probably is. 

   To finish out my rituals I like to have a chant that states the intention has already happened. This sets your intention into motion or if you don’t have an intention it locks the good vibes in. Some examples that I use are:

“Que sera, sera.” 

   This is french for all that will be, will be and I got it from “Heathers” which is one of my favorite movies. Another one of my favorites is,

   “And so it is.”

   These words clearly tell the universe that what you want is already happening because it is present tense. This starts a transmutation in your subconscious to change your vibration to that of your intention. It is also simple and precise which I like. 

   When you try your first ritual, I want you to remember this: rituals are supposed to be fun and make you feel good. If you have a bad feeling while doing a ritual you should either stop and do it another day or try to figure out what is wrong. Also I feel like in the media, rituals are perceived as weird, scary, and serious. Sure there are more serious ones but for the most part they are supposed to be a feel good activity that helps a witch stay in tune with the energy of the universe. Please send me rituals that you try because I am always looking for ideas to add to my grimoire and I might just feature you. You can contact me in the Facebook group or through the contact page.

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