Meeting my First Guide

 One of the coolest things about being a witch or a spiritual is learning how to feel the different energies of the universe. Once you practice your psychic abilities and meditate you can sense whenever there is a being or a different energy than your own around you. This is especially true when you are in that psychic mode or in a meditative state. Before this moment on my journey, I had felt entities and energy before but this was the experience that made me really believe in my abilities and the power of the craft.

   It was a normal day in April, 2020 and by normal I mean I was locked in my house during a global pandemic. I had been avoiding tarot because I did not want the cards to give me any more bad news but this day I just felt drawn to the cards and decided to give them a try. 

   So I went outside because I wanted this reading to be special and I wanted to call on the spirits of nature to assist me. This was the first time I ever wanted to use anything but my own energy in a reading. I found a spot in a clearing, set up a mini sacred space, and got to work. It started off as a normal reading but then the wind started BLOWING. At that moment I knew something was here with me. The energy didn’t feel negative or scary but more of a great calm. So I decided to ask it some questions. I did not think that I was meeting a guide, I thought this was just the spirit of nature trying to give me some answers. A few cards later, I figured out that this was a guide trying to reach me… A butterfly even landed on my cards. I finally decided to ask the cards who I was communicating with and I drew the star. The star is associated with Aquarius so I knew it had to be associated with the element air. Also the wind was blowing and there were flying creatures like the butterfly all around me. In the end I figured out that I was connecting with the goddess, Venus because the star can be associated with Venus. I also came to this conclusion by using confirmation cards and the other signs around me, such as the wind blowing and the vibes. Another crazy coincidence is that the night before, I had just written a song called “Dark Venus.”

   Although Venus is a deity, at the time I wasn’t ready for full on deity magick so she came to me as a guide. Guides can come at the most unexpected times and rock your world a little bit. Whether you ask for their help or find them unexpectedly they’re always with you, watching over you, and helping your spirit find purpose in this life.


One thought on “Meeting my First Guide

  1. Great story! I also believe spirits are all around us to guide us as God shows us the way thru signs and things that happen to us.


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