Banishing Negativity

   Before writing this post, I was originally going to do a piece on cleansing but there are so many articles on cleansing that I thought I would do something a little different. One of the first spells I ever did was a banishment spell and yes I did cleanse when I did it. I remember I did two spells along with smoke cleansing, making black salt, and using crystals to get an entity out of my house. These spells honestly worked a little too good so be careful. Make sure you’re super specific with your intention because the universe can’t read your mind. It doesn’t know that you only want to banish negative energy in a certain aspect of your life. When I did this, I ended up having to let go of things that I didn’t think I was ready to let go of. So be careful what you wish for.

   So before I started this spell I cleansed with smoke. I’m going to be honest and say I personally don’t cleanse as much as I should but before I do spell work I always cleanse. Cleansing was also a big part of this spell because it was for banishing negativity, which is what cleansing is for. I personally like to use palo santo but you could also use sage or lavender. I like palo santo because while it clears out negative energy, it does not get rid of the good energy. If you use sage, sage tends to clear out all energy in a space, making it completely neutral. While this isn’t necessarily bad, I would rather keep my good energies flowing. So before I started the spell I got my palo santo stick, lit it and waved the smoke around my room. I like to go to each corner of the room in a counterclockwise order because moving counterclockwise releases (clockwise attracts). When I do this I say things like,

   “I banish any negative energy here.” 


   “I banish any energy that doesn’t serve me.”

    You can say a lot more things than that but those are just some examples.

   After I cleanse I like to cast a circle of protection. A circle of protection is basically a protective bubble around you and your spell. There are many ways to do this but the easiest way and the way I like to do this is to simply call upon the elements. I just say,

   “Spirits of the elements: fire, earth, air, water, and spirit I call upon you for protection and success as I do this spell. And so it is.”

   Another optional step that I do if necessary is calling on deities or guides for help but for this spell I didn’t do that.

   After that I got out my black tourmaline and got to work. Black tourmaline is great for getting rid of unwanted energy and for protection. 

   Next I made black salt. Black salt is an essential for any witch because of its strong protection abilities and many spells call for it. It is also good if you like to use a salt circle for protection. Like most witchy things, there are many ways to do this. When I make my black salt I just use a simple recipe of sea salt and charcoal from my palo santo incense. You can add more stuff to it or use a different recipe but this is just how I like to do it. What I do is I pour my salt in a bowl then I burn my incense and scrape off the black stuff into my bowl. Then I mix the two together until the salt is black.

   Now that we are prepared, we can finally start the spell. This seems like a long process but once you make black salt the first time, you probably won’t have to do that every time. The cleansing and casting of the circle only takes a few minutes unless you decide to do it longer. 

   I did two spells and I got them from the book, “Everyday Magic” by Semra Haksever. The spells I did were the “Hot Foot Spell to Remove Unwanted Visitors”(pg 87) and the “To Remove Negativity From Your House”(pg 93). I will put a link to buy the book here:

Everyday Magic Book: Rituals, Spells and Potions to Live your Best Life front cover- Earthbound Trading Co.

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