Rose Quartz

   Rose quartz is one of my favorite crystals because I have always connected with it. My deity is Venus, and I have a libra moon so rose quartz is kind of my baby. I remember when I first got rose quartz I had been wanting it and when I touched it we instantly clicked. 

   Rose quartz is the stone of love. One of the main misconceptions about rose quartz is that it is only for romantic love but that is false. Rose quartz can be used for self love or even platonic love. Just all love! The rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra so one of my favorite things to do if I need a self love boost is to meditate with it sitting on my heart. It is also great to meditate with because it has a calming effect. I also love it personally because it encompasses powerful goddess energy, which is a very potent divine vibration. This is because it encompasses all divine feminine energy (intuitive, emotional). Also when your craft has a venusian influence you can really feel the power of the rose quartz.  Rose quartz is also powerful in healing negative emotions.

   Rose quartz gets its name from its pale pink color. Sometimes shopping for rose quartz can be confusing because there are different shades ranging from pretty much white to a deeper pink. Rose quartz is mainly found in Madagascar, India, Japan, and Brazil. 

   As you can probably tell I 100% recommend using rose quartz. It is just a great crystal for everyone including beginners. It’s a safe bet to buy because it has a gentle but powerful energy so if you’re just getting into crystals and really want to feel the energy that they hold I would recommend rose quartz. Rose quartz is also a great thing to have in your crystal collection because of its positivity. It honestly reminds me of the starfish earrings Aquamarine wore.

   ~Aivrey, aka the Coffee Witch


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