So What Happened to 2020? An Astrological Analysis.

   So 2020… yikes. It has been a crazy year and since it’s almost over I have been dying to look at major current events and the astrological events that coincide with them. I have seen many videos on this and there’s so many things that coincide way too perfect to be a coincidence. Also disclaimer: I am going to be focusing on the United States because that’s where I’m from and most of my subscribers are probably from here. If you want me to do another one of these that looks at the whole world contact me and let me know.


  • Jan. 9: WHO announced that a deadly Coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China.
    • 4:05 am: Venus in aquarius sesquiquadrate true node in cancer
      • This points to an irritation in life purpose> Coronavirus becoming huge and creating change
    • 8:03 am: Mercury sextile Neptune
      • This is the reaction that most (not all) of the US had to this announcement where we tried to downplay it. This is because although a sextile is usually a good sign, it was sextile to Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion.
    • 11:08 am: Jupiter in capricorn in opposition to true node in cancer
      • As a general rule when Jupiter is opposing something it’s probably bad. True node in cancer symbolizes a life purpose. If a large planetary body like Jupiter (planet of expansion) is in opposition with life’s purpose, shits about to hit the fan.
  • Jan. 26: Kobe Bryant dies.
    • 4:32 pm: Mercury semi square Chiron
      • Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” and Mercury being semi square to Chiron points to trouble in communication. This could have led to his death because having a planet in a square position with the healer point’s to the opposite of healing.
    • 8:37 pm: Venus square Mars
      • Because we have another square position, this points to more problems. Both of these transits point to trouble in communication so maybe Bryant tried to communicate to the pilot to save himself but it didn’t work. Nobody knows what really happened on that helicopter because there was no black box. 
  • Feb. 5: Impeachment trial of Donald Trump
    • 1:05 am: Mercury semi sextile Chiron
      • This transit pointed to Trump’s acquittal because a semi sextile is usually good or minor but since Chiron is the healer this transit worked in Trump’s favor.
    • 4:43 am: Mercury sextile Uranus
      • Here we have another sextile. What’s important here is Mercury, planet of communication because this shows Trump’s/ Trump’s lawyer’s ability to communicate their point. 
  • March 9: Stock market drops as countries go into lockdown
    • Venus in taurus sextile to true node in Cancer
      • Although usually a sextile is good, this particular aspect points to fate. So even if there was no lockdown this transit is telling us that the stock market was going to drop no matter what. What’s important here is that Venus is in taurus because taurus and Venus both like the finer things in life. It’s ironic that their true purpose here was to pull us away from that.
  • April 2: 1 million Covid cases worldwide
    • 3:35 am: Mercury semi square Saturn
      • Saturn is the planet of restriction so if something is semi square to it that’s just not good.
    • 4:47 pm: Mercury semi square Mars
      • Mars is the planet of action and Mercury being in a semi square refers to the lack of communication on the severity of the pandemic; therefore showing our lack of action as a result.
  • April 19: Lady Gaga hosts the first ever “At Home Concert.”
    • 1:37 am: Mercury quintile Saturn
      • A quintile is usually not important enough to be interpreted but if it is used it is a good thing. I’m including this transit because although a tv concert isn’t exactly an important world event, it did help to brighten up my day when I watched it. This aspect is perfect for a relatively minor but good event like this.
  • May 25: Georgy Floyd Dies
    • 12:26 am: Mercury quincunx Pluto
      • A quincunx points to redirecting and challenging, it is also between Mercury (planet of communication) and Pluto (Planet of transformation). It makes so much sense that this sparked another racial movement because these planets in this position show a need for change.
    • 2:42 am: Mars sextile Uranus
      • This is a powerful transit because Mars (planet of action) and Uranus (planet of change) are in sextile and working together to bring about the racial justice events of the year.
    • 1:35 pm: Mars semi sextile Chiron
      • This is similar to the last transit but this time Mars has aligned with the healer, Chiron to bring about change.
  • June 6: Joe Biden becomes the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.
    • 3:11 pm: Sun square Mars
      • Although this seems like a difficult transit it worked out for Biden. I feel like up until this point the election wasn’t talked about as heavily as usual so the democrats had to make a move and Mars being the planet of action pushed them to nominate Biden.
  • August 11: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate.
    • 2: 34 am: Sun quincunx Jupiter
      • This transit creates tension in personal success but if you push through it you can appear lucky. This worked out in Harris’ favor.
    • 8:44 am: Mercury in Leo semi square to true node in Gemini
      • This transit allows intelligence to come out and it being in Leo helped Harris. Although this isn’t a bad transit, it is still a difficult one with the semi square and it can cause communication to be difficult.
  • August 28: Chadwick Boseman dies.
    • 7:46 pm: Sun semi square Venus
      • Obviously this is a square and that points to bad things 😦
  • September 18: Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies.
    • 4:05 pm: Mercury quincunx Neptune
      • This transit points to challenging a dream or inspiration. Ginsburg was an inspiration to many Americans and this transit points to her passing but also her legacy because of Mercury.
  • October 2: Trump tests positive for Covid 19.
    • 9:31 am: Sun quincunx Uranus
      • This transit points to trouble for Trump because he tested positive at a critical point in the presidential campaign. This transit means trouble with change and he was losing the race at this point. Testing positive for Covid obviously did not help him change his outcome which is what the stars were telling us here. 
  • November 7: Biden becomes president elect.
    • 6:41 am: Sun quincunx Mars
      • Although this caused Biden to win, this transit is more about Trump and his trouble with changing the outcome of the race. This is a similar transit to him getting Covid but this time it is a struggle for action because the damage from the election is already done. 

   So there ya have it, 2020 so far. I wrote this on November 23 so let’s see what December brings. 

   ~Aivrey, aka the Coffee Witch


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