Your Moon Sign

   The moon sign is a lesser known but also very important zodiac sign. It contrasts your sun and gives another side to your personality. If we were all just our sun sign that would be pretty boring. The moon is also less popular because you have to get your birth time to access it. The moon also rules the sign, cancer which is the most emotional sign. 

   The moon rules the emotions, inner needs, intincts and subconscious. Unlike the sun, the moon is the inner child. Because the moon rules your subconscious the moon encourages the inner child to fulfill its needs. While the sun which is the conscious mind is able to control it. Think of the sun as the adult telling you to get a job while the moon is the child with dreams. 

   Some of us may identify more with our moon than our sun. This actually happens pretty frequently because people will think that astrology is completely false if they don’t identify with the sun. A lot of times the aspects of our sun that we can’t identify with are explained by the moon. For example, I am a pisces sun and although I identify with most of the pisces traits, my moon is in libra. I have always had libra traits as well and before I knew enough about astrology, I was confused as to why I loved everything about my friend who was a libra. Now I know it was because of my libra moon. I was also drawn to libra things like the pursuit of beauty and being a peacemaker. 

   Your moon is all the secrets that you can’t get across to others. The sun is what you say while the moon is what you’re really thinking. When your moon and sun don’t get along you often feel misunderstood because your moon wants to express something but the sun won’t allow it. 

   The moon is the deepest self so it rules all intuitions, hunches, and deep knowings we can’t explain. It is also shown in the way we choose to express yourself. For example, creatives often feel like their art is a piece of their soul. That is because they are expressing their moon. You know you are expressing your moon when you feel the most like yourself. 

   The house that your moon is in determines where you are most comfortable. For example, if the moon is in your fourth house of roots you probably are most comfortable with family. 

   The moon’s glyph or symbol is the crescent moon. This symbol means reception because the moon is all about how you react to your environment. 

   ~Aivrey, aka the coffee witch


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