Your Sun Sign

   Of all the astrology signs, the sun sign is the most well known. If you ask someone what their sign is they are most likely going to reply with their sun sign. Although you have many different signs the sun sign is one of the more important and well known ones. This is because the sun symbolizes your conscious personality which is basically the core of who you are. It basically sums you up. The sun is also one of the easier signs to learn because it does not require you to know your birth time.

   In astrology the sun represents consciousness. It is your personality and creative drive. The sun is also where our life purpose and happiness can be found. Because the sun represents consciousness it is also our ego. This can cause the sun to block your inner child. If you meditate often you know what I mean. The sun also sets the tone for the rest of your chart (and you) which is why the rest of the planets revolve around him. 

   To find happiness you need to look to your sun sign. The happiest people identify with their sun sign. This sounds easy but it’s surprisingly not. The sun represents reason over instinct and this means that the sun is not who we know how to be but who we’re learning to be. 

   The house that your sun is in also impacts you because this shows what areas of life we excel in. For example, if my sun is in the third house of communication then I would be good in situations like presentations and public speaking or just talking to people in general. 

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   The sun’s symbol looks like a little target. This is actually the circle of spirit which is a symbol of wholeness. 

   One of the reasons that the sun sign is so well known is because you don’t have to have your birth time. This is because it takes the sun a year to cycle through each sign and because there are 12 signs it is in each sign for about a month. For other signs in your chart you need your birth time because some of them switch more often. 

   ~Aivrey, aka the Coffee Witch


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