Let’s Talk Crystals.

   Crystals are one of the most popular tools in witchcraft because they are versatile, powerful, and pretty duhhh. But what makes something a crystal and not just a rock you found on the ground the other day? By definition a crystal is, “a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.” What this means is that the molecular structure is geometric and it has faces whereas a rock does not have to be geometric and this causes it to weather easily. 



“a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.”

Any crystal that you find is probably millions of years old because it formed over time under the earth. This is one of the reasons why crystals hold so much energy. They have been on earth for so long and they have collected the energy, wisdom, and history of the earth for millions of years. Each type of crystal symbolizes something different. Out of all them clear quartz is the best crystal for beginners and here’s why:

   Clear quartz is known as the master stone and it is the most powerful of all the crystals. It amplifies any intention and can be used in substitute for any stone you need. It’s appearance is clear or white just like the name suggests. It holds the energy of clarity and manifestation so if you are a goal getter but you are not exactly sure what you want then clear quartz is for you. Also because it is so pure and versatile I recommend it to any beginner with crystals. It is known for having a very high vibration so be ready to feel that pure energy. 

   So now that you know what crystal to buy how do you know which one is for you? Well it’s all about the vibration you feel as you’re picking it out. When you’re at the crystal shop there will be many of the same type of crystal. I suggest not looking at them too hard because we are not basing our selection solely off appearance (Although appearance can be a factor). I usually either hold my hand over each crystal until I feel drawn to one or hold them. Either that or I will be instantly drawn to one.

   Now that you bought your crystal what do you do next? The next step is cleansing and charging. You must cleanse your crystal because it has collected energy from the store and anyone who has touched it before you. How I like to cleanse/charge is by the moon, selenite, smoke, or intention.

   To cleanse/charge by the moon you wait until it’s a full moon because full moons have the most amplified energy. You can charge it in other moon phases but you have to be careful with this because each phase means something different. But all you have to do is set it somewhere that the moon’s rays will hit it and that’s it. Charging by the moon is my favorite way.

   Next is Selenite. Selenite is another crystal. It is associated with the moon’s energy and it clears out stagnant energy while replacing it with light. It has a soft white appearance and you can get it many shapes. The best shape for cleansing and charging has to be the plate because you can set your crystals on top of it. So again another easy method to use if you need a crystal but don’t want to wait until full moon.

   Next, you can cleanse by smoke. Smoke cleansing is burning incense such as sage or palo santo and running your crystal through it until you feel as if it is cleansed. Unlike using the moon or selenite, your crystal will not be charged through this method so you will have to use another method to charge it or wait until you have a certain intention that you wish to charge it with.

   Lastly, you can charge/cleanse by intention. Charging by intention means charging it with your own energy of what you want to accomplish with this crystal. For example if I want to attract love, I would charge my rose quartz by focusing on loving energy or meditating with it until I feel that my energy has transferred. If I wanted to cleanse the stone I would do the same thing but my intention would be purification. 

   Now you are ready to go buy your first crystal but remember, you don’t need anything to be a successful witch except yourself and an intention. So it’s okay if you can’t afford crystals right now or would prefer to not use them. Everyone’s craft is different so do what feels right to you.

   ~Aivrey, aka the coffee witch






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