How did I get into Witchcraft?

 So now that you know a little bit about me and we’ve gone over some witchcraft basics, you may be wondering: how did I get into witchcraft? 

   The reason I want to share my story with you is because I want you to know that it’s okay if your journey is different than others. Also it’s okay if it’s slow because mine started off slow. Lastly, maybe me sharing my story will help you notice some of the signs that you may be a witch or are starting your awakening. 

   So I used to be Christian, I was confirmed and everything but I never felt anything when I would worship the Christian god. Nothing against Christians, it just wasn’t for me. I had also always been interested in the paranormal, the occult and well, witches since I was little. Being interested in these things as a child is one of the main signs of being a witch but I always ignored it until my junior year of highschool when I started to question my beliefs. I was wondering why everything fun seemed to be a sin and why people were so judgemental. I have always been rebellious and hated authority so all of the rules you had to follow to be considered a “good person” really irked me. 

   Backtrack to my freshman year of highschool, I became a huge hippie and I felt drawn to the bohemian lifestyle. I still want to live in a van someday. Becoming more bohemian began to introduce me to basic witchcraft like crystals and astrology. At the time I didn’t know it was witchcraft and I just thought it was a fun thing to look at but I never took it seriously until later. 

   Then came my sophomore year, I had already bought a few crystals at this point but nothing major until my aunt (who is also a psychic) bought me my first tarot deck. I always thought I was a little psychic but not to the degree that I would be giving accurate tarot readings every time. Remember in my last post how I said that witchcraft is not hereditary? Yeah it’s not because tarot didn’t come naturally to me at all. At first I hated it and I almost gave up until my aunt explained to me that it isn’t only about memorization but also the feeling you get from the cards. That helped a lot but if you’re trying to learn tarot and you’re frustrated, just know that it took me over four years to learn tarot. 

   Then fast forward to 2020 Coronacation. It is mid quarantine and I think that I’m going insane and I am just depressed and I hate life. At this point I have a collection of crystals, I have become a psychic, and I have done like one spell. All of the quarantine I had been afraid of doing any tarot because I didn’t want any more bad news but this one day I just felt called to it. So I went outside and set up a mini sacred space because I just knew that this reading was special. I called on the spirits of nature to answer my questions and it starts off as a normal reading but then it takes a turn. The wind starts BLOWING through the trees and a butterfly lands on my cards. I knew that someone else was here with me so I asked the cards who it was and I pulled “The Star.” Turns out the star is associated with Venus and she was my first deity/guide. I had also just written a song called “Dark Venus” the night before. It was this moment that I really owned being a witch and experienced the spiritual awakening that everyone talks about.

   Now I know that I was always a witch even before the awakening. I had always known deep down that I was meant to do witchcraft and I had always been drawn to the occult. I had researched the craft for years before I really started practicing it and I had wondered why I was so drawn to it even when my whole life I had been told that it was wrong. I want to end this post by saying it’s okay to question what you’ve been told your whole life and no matter what conclusions you come to, your gut is always right. For me that meant becoming a witch. Maybe for you that means going back to the church. As long as you are living your truth you are doing good for the universe and good will come back to you.


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