Cool Witchy Depop Find!

 When picking an outfit, how do you make it fab instead of drab? You probably reach for some cool accessories. On a new buying and selling app called Depop many young people are starting to sell handmade wearable items. What sets Depop apart from other selling apps is that most of the people on it are young adults so the items are very trendy and unique. 

   A seller named Brooke who goes by @brookiebee223 on the app created the cutest tarot card earrings that I thought my fellow witches would enjoy.

   “Over this past summer, in the midst of quarantine, I decided I wanted to start my own small business.”Brooke said. “Since I have always enjoyed being creative and doing things like painting and illustrating.” Brooke said.

    It’s no secret that the handmade jewelry market is pretty saturated, especially because novelty earrings are trendy right now. So Brooke’s tarot card earrings are setting her apart.

   “There was a high chance I’d be lost with everyone else trying their luck in hand making and selling them too.” Brooke said.

   She is inspired by spirituality and it even runs in her family,

   “ my dads a psychic.” Brooke said. “And I always felt really connected to all things spiritual.”

   Traditionally, tarot cards are almost always gifted and Brooke was no exception,

   “He gifted me a pack of miniature tarot cards from the original Rider Waite deck.” Brooke said.

   Although she didn’t know how to read tarot she found her own way to use the deck,

“when I first thought of using the mini tarot card set, I was so excited to get everything I needed and start because I had never seen earrings like those anywhere before.” Brooke said.

   Today, young adults are always looking for new unique pieces and these earrings really are, in the words of Brooke,

   “aesthetic as all heck.”

Here is a link to Brooke’s Depop

– Trendsetter Creations -‘s Shop – Depop

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