Good morning sunshine! 

My name is Aivrey Zaiger and I am the coffee witch. I wanted to start this blog to document my journey in the craft and help out any baby witches who want to see what witchcraft is all about. 

I decided to name this blog “The Coffee Witch” because 

  1.  I love coffee 

2. I figured blogging would be a good way to start my day off (along with my coffee of course)

3. It’s a cute name what can I say

   Throughout this blog I will be posting about different topics relating to witchcraft and posting videos along the way as well. I am going to try and post most mornings so that you can relax with a cup of coffee while also starting your day with your craft. I have also been wanting to share my craft with others for a while but I always doubted myself and my knowledge so I never did. Now with this whole Coronavirus thing I have so much time on my hands that I figured now is the perfect time to start. Also I feel like we need more positivity in the world and maybe this blog will help start a chain of witches coming together and manifesting positivity in this time of need. 

I have also been trying to create a community of strong witches to be able to come together and raise each other up. I have a few witch friends and we try to collaborate but maybe through the internet I could find more and create something bigger. 

I can’t wait to see where this goes and maybe get to know some new friends!

~Aivrey aka The Coffee Witch

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